National Journal of Advanced Research
National Journal of Advanced Research
Vol. 2, Issue 3 (2016)

The role of E-learning in empowering the digital generation

M Deivam, Dr Devaki N

The new millennium heralds exciting opportunities to diversify the ways in which education is offered. Everything went electronic; today the words like e-health, e-government, e-shopping, e-business and e-learning are frequently encountered. A greater flexibility is provided through online access to learning – when, where and how to do it. Breaking the shackles of tradition empowers all learners, as their diverse needs are increasingly accommodated in education programs that are supported by information technology. E-learning is one important avenue for promoting greater access to all learners. The rapid development of technology makes it possible for almost anyone to access computing resources. These types of technologies include special hardware and software that allow individuals with a wide range of skills to make productive use of computers. The generation of humans whose generational location places their birth and developmental experiences during a time of widespread access to digital computing technologies and whose exposure to and experience with those technologies led to a technological comfort and expertise with that technology that surpasses those of prior generations. In this paper authors discussed E-learning, Initiated by Government of India, and E-learning Advantages for digital generation.
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