National Journal of Advanced Research
National Journal of Advanced Research
Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2016)

A critical analysis of the “gendered unemployment” among educated women in India

Dr. Sujaya Routray

Since time immemorial women are discriminated in almost all spheres of life. Access to and control over resources in the sphere of education, health care and economic activities have been always limited for women. This has not only led to gender discrimination in society but also has a drastic influence on individual and her fundamental rights. However after independence there is a sincere effort by the government to plan policies and programme for women in specific so that they get an equal chance and opportunities to be able to stand in a better social and economic position and voice their opinion. Specifically in maters of education, there are provisions to make education accessible to all. However when an important outcome of education such as employment is analysed it is seen that educated women are remaining unemployed because of various reason. It not only hampers the overall development of the economic scenario of the country but also affects the socio and psychological aspect of the educated women. This paper will deliberate the causes and consequences of unemployment among the educated women of India.
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