National Journal of Advanced Research
National Journal of Advanced Research
Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2016)

Factors responsible for lactation failure among mothers

Dr. Sneha Pitre, Renie Raju, Pranalini Pardeshi, Bhagyashree Jogdeo

Declines in both the initiation and the duration of lactation have been reported from around the world.' This is of serious public health concern because of the associated increased morbidity and mortality, which are most striking in developing countries but are also detectable in developed countries. An exploratory research on “A study to assess the factors responsible for lactation failure among mothers in selected hospitals of Pune city” was conducted as part of a departmental research project. The Objective of the study was to assess the factors responsible for lactation failure and to associate these factors with the selected demographic variables. The Assumption wasthere may be some factors which the mothers might feel are responsible for lactation failure. Based on the study objectives the tool selected for the study were on basis of Demographic profile which consists of Age of the mother and No of children and a Self – structured questionnaire, which consisted of the Physical Factors, Social Factors, and Emotional Factors. The tool was validated by 9 experts which was followed by the modifications as per the suggestions and translated into Marathi language. The tool was found feasible after the pilot study. The final study was done in Bharati hospital of Pune city with Population consisting of postnatal mothers of Pune city. The sample size was 211 which was done through the Non probability purposive sampling technique. Descriptive and inferential statistics was used to analyze the data the findings of the study were, Majority of the samples were in the age group of 21 – 25 years. Majority of the samples had only one (01) child. Majority (134) samples feel that low birth weight is the major physical factor responsible for lactation failure. While 132 samples also feel that mother’s weakness is a physical factor responsible for lactation failure majority of the samples that is 120 samples feel that busy lifestyle and lack of family support is one of the major social reasons responsible for lactation failure. 111 and 108 samples feel that less time for breast feeding and lack of privacy during feeding may be the other social reason among the emotional causes, among the emotional factors responsible for lactation failure, majority 127 samples feel that anxiety regarding newborn care is one of the major emotional factor responsible for lactation failure while 126,119 and 117 samples feel that mental stress, unplanned pregnancy and loneliness might be the cause. 99 and 98 samples feel that reestablishment of sexual relationship and lack of encouragement might be the other emotional reason. On comparing the factors it was seen that emotional causes followed by the physical and social causes were responsible for lactation failure among mothers. It was found, that there is no significant association between the factors and demographic variables. So to conclude from the above findings, the study provides with the evidence that there are many factors which the mothers feel would be responsible for the lactation failure. For which proper health education related to lactation and its importance for the child development is essential. The need is the willpower and resources to determine the causes of lactation failure and develop appropriate treatments so that all mothers can reach their breastfeeding goals.
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