National Journal of Advanced Research

ISSN: 2455-216X

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2019)

New innovative teaching pedagogy is the need for learning in today’s Era: With special reference to private colleges at Alwar region

Author(s): Sweety Dubey, Bhuwan Gupta, Meenakshi Bindal
Abstract: Education plays an essential and basic job comprehensively in building up a gifted workforce. For a long time, the utilization of reading material has been the conventional strategy for guidance; in any case, the rise and execution of showing viability appraisal strategies has uncovered that most students don't assimilate the course content up to the normal dimension. Therefore, numerous scientists have concentrated on progressing and enhancing the current learning techniques, and in addition presenting and trying different things with new instructing styles. Shockingly, scientists have not been able concede to the adequacy of the new showing techniques; thusly, they require further examination to address this issue visualization, technology tools, and active learning. The main aim of this research is to know the perception of private college students on current teaching methodology and their expectations towards new innovative techniques of teaching. Sample size of 170 private college students from Alwar region is been taken for the research purpose through random sampling and simple graphical analysis methods is used to analyze the data. Most of the students said the most common method of teaching in the region is lecture method while other modern methods like group discussion, seminars, Role play, individual presentations, assignments are also been used by the colleges along with lecture method. We also find out the awareness towards new innovative teaching methods amongst the students and their preference towards those teaching methods and the finding suggest that new innovative teaching should also be considered and make a part of education and it will not only help students but also to faculties, institutions and society at large in gaining and imparting quality education.
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