National Journal of Advanced Research

ISSN: 2455-216X

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2019)

Investigation of different Adhoc routing topologies DSR, AODV and DSDV using IEEE 802.11 for WSNs using ns-2 for varying terrain areas by varying pause time (Node Mobility)

Author(s): Ravindra Prakash Gupta, Kriti Jain
Abstract: The micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) based Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are new in communications. A comparison of various Adhoc Routing Protocols viz. Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Adhoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV) and Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector (DSDV)using IEEE 802.11 standards using Network Simulator 2 (ns-2) for WSNs is made. The parameters of a particular routing are affected by the choice of size, node mobility, etc. which has been extensively studied. This paper discuss and evaluate the performance of different network parameters like Packet Delivery Fraction (PDF), Average End-to-End Delay, Average Throughput, Normalized Routing Load (NRL) and Packet loss on different routing protocols by varying varying pause timein different terrain areas which is small (1000 m. x 1000 m.), large (2000 m. x 1000 m.) and very large (2000 m. x 2000 m.) keeping maximum node speed constant andmonitoring critical conditions with the help of these parameters. The actual Network designer can make use of such analysis before design of an actual WSNs system.
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