National Journal of Advanced Research

ISSN: 2455-216X

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2019)

Task-based learning approach on the academic performance of students in reading comprehension

Author(s): Njoku Ihuoma, Dr. Ofonime F Ndioho, Dr. Onyinyechi Ochuba
Abstract: This study investigated the task-based learning approach on the academic performance of students in reading comprehension with the use of discussion teaching method compare it. The sample for this study was 2 students in Government Schools, they comprise the experimental and control groups. The design of the study was a quasi-experimental design. The reliability of the instrument was determined with the test-retest method using the Pearson coefficient at 0. 75. Three intact classes were used for this study, which comprised 170 students in all, 84 males and 86 females. The instruments used for the study was the Reading Comprehension Achievement Test (R.C.A.T.), it was used to test the students'’ performance in reading comprehension. The research findings showed that task-based learning could improve the reading comprehension of the students more. The students’ achievement test in task-based learning approach from pre test to post test scores were 98% and 141% respectively while those of discussion method in pre test and post test were 81.11% and 96.34% respectively. Based on the research findings, the researcher concluded that task-based learning approach enhances the performance of students in reading comprehension more than the discussion learning approach and therefore, recommended that students should improve more on their reading comprehension skills with the application of task-based learning approach.
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