National Journal of Advanced Research
National Journal of Advanced Research
Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2019)

Need of intellectual property rights in India and other developing countries: A novel approach for global recognition and economic development

Narasimhulu Eppe, Hindustan Abdul Ahad, Guru Sai Suresh Babu D, Chinthaginjala Haranath, Manoj Kumar Reddy A

The intangible intellectual property rights (IPR) give exclusive rights to the creator for their creation. To withstand the competition in the market globally these rights boost the innovative thinking and research which give recognition and economic benefits to the creator. The lack of knowledge about IPR is the main hitch with developing countries like India. Lacking off IPR knowledge, foreigners steel our resources and ideas and giving provision for biopiracy. This article gives the basic information about various types of IPRs viz., patents, trademarks, and geographical indications, industrial designs, copyrights, trade secrets, layout designs, protection of new plant varieties, etc., with basic information about the need and method of getting the same.
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