National Journal of Advanced Research

ISSN: 2455-216X

Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2020)

Effect of substituting natural pasture hay with mixture of cowpea and sthylosanthes humilis as basal diet on body weight gain and carcass characteristics of gumuz goat

Author(s): Bainesagn Wolelie, Mezgebu Alebel
Abstract: The study was designed to evaluate the effects of replacing natural pasture hay with different proportions of Sthylosanthes humilis and Vigna unguiculata (cowpea) hay on growth performance and carcass characteristics of Gumuz Goat. About 169g of maize, toasted soyabean and 5% (roughage ration) molasses per day were given for all treatments throughout the experimental period. Thirty yearling Gumuz male goats with an average initial body weight of 17.22 ± 2.85 kg (mean ± SEM) were used in randomized complete block design (RCBD) that lasted for 90 days. Treatments were arraged to replace 50% of natural pasture hay with different proportions of cowpea and sthylosanthes humilis. Treatments were sole natural pasture hay as controled treatment (T1), 80% and 20% (T2), 70% and 30% (T3), 50% and 50% (T4) and 25% and 75% mixture of sthylosanthes humilis and cow pea substituting natural pasture hay respectively. Goats were grouped into six blocks of which five goats in each based on their initial body weight. The study result showed that higher (P<0.05) final body weight, average daily gain and hot carcas weight of Gumuz goat were observed on treatment groups consumed substitute roughage than goats fed sole natural pasture hay as basal diet. Similarly, dressing percentage based on slaughter body weight base was higher (P>0.05) than sole natural pasture hay. Hot carcass weight ranged from 7.86 kg to 11.62 kg through the substitution of sthylosanthes and cow pea at diffrent proportions. The result showed that the substitute was better to improve the growth and carcass parameter of Gumuz goat. Therefore sthylosanthes humilis and cow pea substitution at ratio of 50:50 was recommended as best natural pasture hay replace for basal diet and similarly 70 to 30 sthylosantus to cow pea ratio could be used as alternative to improve the performance and carcas yield in gumuz goat.
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