National Journal of Advanced Research
National Journal of Advanced Research
Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2020)

Property value of houses with cemeteries, its psychological and health impact at lagelu local government, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria

AO Ogungbemi, OH Akingbade, IA Omunagbe, OR King

As human populations and their subsequent anthropogenic effects increases, the nation’s elderly population expected in the coming decades and the disposal of corps will drastically increase., it is expedient a quick study is carried out to evaluate the property value of houses with cemeteries, its psychological and health impact in Lagelu Local Government, Ibadan, Nigeria. One hundred and fifty questionnaires were structured and administered on tenants, landlords, private and other government structures taking into cognizance buildings with evidence of tomb with the adoption of Stratified sampling technique. Lagelu Local Government was further divided into 6 randomly selected political wards. The research finding proved that building with tomb(s) was observed in one out of three houses especially in the interior location of Lagelu Local Government which could be attributed to lack of public cemetery in the location. Outsized 10-40% price devaluation in the property value of houses with cemetery during buying, selling or renting of the properties was reported by respondents and observable repeated waterborne disease with typhoid and dysentery the prominent among it. Also, there were other demerits such as Psychological disturbance especially to children without an up-bring in the local government. Thus, it can be concluded that indiscriminate siting of burial ground within the resident showed a negative impact on the property value thereby causing a devaluation of the price of a property, increased the environment degradation with widespread water borne disease incident such as typhoid among the inhabitant of Lagelu Local Government.
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