National Journal of Advanced Research
National Journal of Advanced Research
Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2020)

Assess the knowledge and practices regarding the prevention of anemia among the antenatal mothers

Sonam Rani

Anemia in pregnancy is present when the haemoglobin concentration in the peripheral blood is 11gm/100ml or less. The occurrence of anemia is a widely recognised public health problems in developing country where the prevalence of anemia among pregnant women is average 56%, ranging between 35%- 100% among between regions of the world. The present study measures the knowledge and expressed practices of antenatal mothers regarding anemia.Tool for data collection was structured knowledge questionnaire containing of total 30 set of items to assess the level of knowledge and expressed practices checklist containing total 15 set of items to assess the expressed practices. Total 100 antenatal mothers were taken as a sample. Data was collected in community area (rural area) (Khera, Nanhera, shahpur), of Karnal, Haryana by using structured knowledge questionnaire and expressed practice checklist. The structured knowledge questionnaire consists of 5 categories related to anemia are Concept of Anemia, Menstrual Cycle, Complication of Anemia, Diagnosis of Anemia, Diet and expressed practices consists of individual questions. The reliability coefficient of tool for knowledge by Cronbach’s Alpha was found to be 0.63 and expressed practices by Cohen’s Kappa were found to be 0.7. Result of the study shows 28% of antenatal mothers have very good knowledge and 70% of antenatal mothers have moderate knowledge and 2.0% of antenatal mothers have adopted below average expressed practices regarding prevention of anemia.The study concluded that most of the women have less knowledge regarding prevention of anemia. For enhancement of knowledge and expressed practice regarding prevention of anemia i provide the structure teaching programme to the antenatal mothers.
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