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Relationship of education, ethics and excellence development
Pages: 01-03  
Globalization- Impact in various spheres of India
Pages: 04-05  
Poverty and Globalization (In Indian Perspective)
Pages: 06-08  
The effects of music on human blood pressure
Pages: 09-10  
A study on financial performance analysis at neycer India Ltd., vadalur
Pages: 11-12  
Attitudes, experiences and expectations of first year undergraduate Adult education students at the University of Zambia
Pages: 13-19  
Significant effects of varied methods of training on selected physical parameters among middle distance runners
Pages: 20-22  
Children and music: Benefits of music in child development
Pages: 23-25  
Academia industry interaction: A 'win­ win' partnership
Pages: 26-28  
Change in environment at Dehradun and its impact
Pages: 29-34  
Contrasting two types of music on the naptime resting behavior of sleeping childcare children
Pages: 35-37  
Nigerian foreign policy-relations (1999-2010): A comparison of Obasanjo’s (1999-2007) and Yar’adua’s (2007-2010) foreign relations
Pages: 38-41  
Impacts of external financing on the risk level of Viet Nam stock investment industry during and after the global crisis 2007-2009
Pages: 42-47  
Tax rates effects on the risk level of listed Viet Nam electric power firms during global economic crisis 2007-2009
Pages: 48-53  
Effect of callisthenic exercise on vital capacity among college men
Pages: 54-55  
Effect of yogic exercises on aerobic capacity
Pages: 56-57  
Impact of international capital flows on India’s economic growth
Pages: 58-61  
Significance of iterative methods for the solution of equations
Pages: 62-63  
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