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Effect of a planned educational programme regarding post mastectomy exercises on living activities among breast cancer patients
Pages: 01-11  
Assessment of nutritional properties of rice flour chapatti
Pages: 12-14  
Assessment of nurse's knowledge, attitudes, and practice regarding physical restraints among critical ill patients
Pages: 15-22  
Evaluating the nutritional quality of chapatti from wheat grown under organic and conventional farming system
Pages: 23-27  
Monuments: The individual’s role and responsibility in preserving the heritage
Pages: 28-40  
Effect of different sowing dates on growth and yield of candidate wheat varieties
Pages: 41-46  
Nursing: Safeguarding for patient’s rights
Pages: 47-51  
Impact of health education program on caregivers knowledge, attitude and practice toward their children with physical disability in Cheshire home, Khartoum, Sudan
Pages: 52-56  
Biochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of the extracts of Calotropis procera and Ocimum basilicum
Pages: 57-62  
Optimization of the protocol for initiation, multiplication and acclimatization of sugarcane variety US-633
Pages: 63-65  
Effect of soil applied zinc on the yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties
Pages: 66-69  
Effect of health education program on the knowledge, attitude and practice of caregivers regarding infants care in Maygoma Orphanage Center, Khartoum state, Sudan (2016-2017)
Pages: 70-77  
Political education in the perspective of law and democracy in Indonesia state administration system in gorontalo province
Pages: 78-84  
Effect of health education program on the knowledge of caregivers regarding infants care in Maygoma orphanage center, Khartoum state, Sudan (2016-2017)
Pages: 85-89  
Redox reactions of cobalt (iii) complexes of α-hydroxy Acids by Quinolinium di chromate (QDC) in presence micelles
Pages: 90-93  
Allelopathic effect of lambs quarter (Chinopodium album) concentrations on seed germination and early growth of wheat varieties
Pages: 94-100  
Paternal attachment styles and loneliness as predictors of academic achievement of senior secondary school students in Rivers state, Nigeria
Pages: 101-106  
Income status of selected rural households in Zimbabwe: Through the lance of the current socio-economic crisis
Pages: 107-112  
Effect of health education program on the practice of caregivers regarding infants care in Maygoma Orphanage Center, Khartoum state, Sudan (2016-2017)
Pages: 113-117  
Nursing: Chronic care model for diabetes mellitus
Pages: 118-123  
Socio cultural status of Muthuvan tribe in Kerala: A historical analysis of Muthuvan tribe of Koodakkadukudi
Pages: 124-129  
Problems and prospects of mobile learning devices among undergraduate students
Pages: 130-136  
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