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A decision support system for selecting best supplier for multiple criteria decision making problems using entropy weight method and COPRAS Method
Pages: 01-03  
Fifth “Dark” force completely change our understanding of the universe
Pages: 04-09  
Efficiency of application of micro-irrigation technology of slope lands as one of the methods in combating erosion conditions of Azerbaijan
Pages: 10-14  
Definitions of the degree of the potential erosion danger of the mountain brown soil soils of the quba-khachmaz zone of Azerbaijan
Pages: 15-19  
Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Enterococcus species from various clinical samples at a tertiary care hospital
Pages: 20-21  
Locating constructs of privacy within classical Hindu law
Pages: 22-26  
Challenges to freedom of expression in the digital World: Lessons from Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Journalist
Pages: 27-38  
Educational usage of digital story telling by teachers in a virtual classroom
Pages: 39-42  
Curbing students undesirable behaviours in secondary schools in Nigeria: The school administration/management role
Pages: 43-47  
Clinical evaluation of the vaginal bleeding in pregnant women’s in Anugrah Narayan Magadh medical college, Gaya, Bihar
Pages: 48-52  
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