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Principles of international environmental law and judicial response in India
Pages: 01-07  
Prevention and control of central venous catheter infection in Omdurman military hospital, Khartoum state, Sudan (2016-2019)
Pages: 08-10  
Cyber security in healthcare: A narrative review of trends, threats and ways forward
Pages: 11-17  
Economics of organized crime
Pages: 18-23  
Effect of substituting natural pasture hay with mixture of cowpea and sthylosanthes humilis as basal diet on body weight gain and carcass characteristics of gumuz goat
Pages: 24-30  
Analysis of non-alcoholic beverage market in India
Pages: 31-32  
Capital goods import and manufacturing sector’s output in Nigeria: Evidence from ARDL bounds testing procedure
Pages: 33-37  
Over 70 years of hostility between India and Pakistan: Is there an end to it?
Pages: 38-44  
Newborn care activities done by recently delivered women in relation to placental delivery for their recent delivery in in Uttar Pradesh, India
Pages: 45-48  
Prisoners right for equal treatment: Seek of humanity
Pages: 49-56  
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